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Ultimate Unload

The time has come to reunite, and it feels so good! When you’re ready for it, Big Vaults will be ready too.

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Our Process



The vaults.

The same crew for a seamless process.



The items.

Follow all safety protocols to protect walls and floors.



The furniture.

Remove blankets & assemble back


Prepare The vaults

The warehouse manager prepares the Big Vaults for delivery on the day scheduled to unload. The same crew that loaded will come back to unload, giving you a seamless process.


Upon arrival, the foreman will walk the property with you to discuss your preferences. Before unloading, the crew will follow all the safety protocols to protect walls and floors. The team will unload each unit and verify with you that nothing is left inside the Big Vaults. Before leaving, the foreman will walk the new home with you to confirm that the crew did everything correctly and address any concerns.

BV Crew at Town House M-min

Unwrapping Protocol

After unloading, the crew will remove all the blankets, paper pads, shrink wrap, and tape. You won’t need to worry about disposing of all the leftover wrapping waste, as the crew will retrieve all used materials after the job has finished.

Furniture Assembly

The crew will assemble back all standard furniture that was disassembled, as is best practice when moving and storing larger furnishings. As the same team handles the whole process, you can be sure that all assembly items, including most miniature hardware, are kept together and accessible. 


Unload Made Easy With Our Supplementary Options.



Portable storage.

We deliver across state lines.



The boxes.

Our team unpacks your items.


Rearranging furniture

The furniture

Move around to any placement.

Unload Made Easy With Our Supplementary Options.


Long-Distance Portable Storage

If you need to move out of state, do not sweat; we will deliver your Portable Storage with the same crew to your new home across state lines.


If you need any unpacking of the kitchen, books, and miscellaneous boxes, call the office before unloading day to schedule the additional service that will be provided by Truck and i.


Rearranging Furniture

If you need to move around your furnishings before determining your furniture’s final placement, call the office before unloading day to schedule the additional service that will be provided by Truck and i.

Questions about our ultimate unload?

Our patent-pending storage system is Big Vaults, a Portable Storage with a crew; constructed out of wood, each Big Vault can store up to 2,500 lbs. We store the Big Vaults in our warehouse in a climate-controlled environment. Do you want to visit your storage or take some items back? No need to sweat! We can schedule a crew to assist in going through your vault any weekday during business hours. Some restrictions and warehouse fees apply.

Our trucks are 26′ long for moving services. For the storage system, we use 24′ Flat trucks.