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Introducing Big Vaults Portable Storage With A Crew.

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“Big Vaults, the ultimate portable storage solution for high-end markets, designed to partner with locally owned and operated moving companies. Big Vaults helps to serve its community by providing a portable storage solution, WITH a crew. Our unique, customized storage system allows us to operate at the needs of our clients. Wether it be a one bedroom condo or multilevel home with numerous rooms, big or small Big Vaults is the right call.

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 With our sixty thousand sq. ft., fully climate controlled facility your belongings will feel right at home with us. Big Vaults’ chosen service provider Truck and i, Atlanta’s premier moving company, ensures that your items are packed and handled with care throughout their journey into and out of storage.  Since we are a portable storage company with a crew, your stored cargo can be picked up or delivered locally, or out of state. “

"We have created a system that ensures a specialized team that packs your things"

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Homeowners and people moving to a new state, new city, or simply within the same neighborhood face the need to store their belongings for a while; sometimes, that time is prolonged. Although it is not only storage, they also face potential damage to their belongings.

That is why at Big Vaults, we have created a system that ensures a specialized team that packs your things, stores them professionally, in a controlled environment, and your items are handled the least number of times, thus avoiding damage to your belongings.

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Meet Big Vaults Principal Carlos Urrea!

Atlanta´s Most Beloved Mover

Hello friends, my name is Carlos Urrea, and I am Big Vaults’ founder, I will briefly tell you the story behind Big Vaults:

In 2006 I was presented with a situation with the moving company that I had set up a few years back.

The company was growing. However, I identified an opportunity to accelerate the growth of the company.

That year the Pods company was entering Atlanta, and I saw the need to create portable storage but in wooden containers since these protect things more effectively from heat and humidity when in a climate-controlled environment. In addition, I added a team of specialized packers and movers and set up air-conditioned warehouses for the Big Vaults.

Today Big Vaults serves hundreds of families in the Atlanta area and helps moving companies that want to accelerate their growth process and have systems that optimize the service they provide to their customers.