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Storing Phase

Accounted for and more! With Big Vaults warehousing system, you can expect detailed inventory checks on your precious cargo BEFORE we put it away. Let Big Vaults look after it for you.

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Our Process



Of all the items.

Annotate and tag the items & vaults.

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Your belongings.

Drive back and take the spot assigned.


Inventory Check

On loading day, the foreman will take inventory of all the items to load, annotate the condition of each piece, and tag each item. This inventory will stay with your Big Vaults for a seamless process. On unloading day, the foreman will check that all items in the inventory are delivered.


After loading at the customer’s home, the crew immediately drives back to the warehouse, where the warehouse manager uses a forklift to remove the Big Vaults off the truck and place them in their assigned area inside the climate-controlled and secured Big Vaults warehouse.

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Need ‘This’ But Not ‘That’?

We Understand: Warehouse Access

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Warehouse Access:

Call customer service and set up a warehouse appointment; if you need to pick up or drop off one or more items, we will schedule a crew that will have your Big Vaults ready, provide the move-around labor, and even load your car or truck if needed, all with a white glove service. Appointments are available Mon –Fri between 10:00 am –3:00 pm with a 48-hour notice. Some restrictions and warehouse fees apply.

Questions about our storing phase?

The foreman makes an inventory of all the items loaded and leaves a copy for you to keep.

We can store almost anything in our Big Vaults Storage, except paint, plants, perishable food, hazardous material, firearms, gas, or propane.