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Load Up Phase

The foundation of any good move starts here.

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Our Process



The vaults.

The crew brings the Big Vaults to your home as estimated.

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The furniture.

The crew protects the furniture with blankets, paper pads, and shrink wrap.


Load Up

Your belongings.

The crew loads all your belongings into the vaults, making a detailed  inventory list.


Deliver Portable Storage with a crew

On storage day, the crew will arrive at your home with the estimated number of Big Vaults to complete your job. The team will park outside your door and prepare to load. The foreman will walk the property with you for an overview of the job ahead.

Wrapping protocol

The crew proceeds to protect all your furnishings with a combination of blankets, paper pads, and shrink wrap to protect your precious pieces using best practices. This full blankets in, full blankets out wrapping protocol is our proven system that ensures the necessary care for storing your items properly.

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BV Crew Loading At House-min


All teams have a designated loader who accommodates all things properly. Usually, boxes are loaded first to clear the room, as is practice for creating a safe wrapping environment. After loading the first unit, the crew closes and seals the Big Vault with a numbered zip tie, labels it with a description of its contents, and continues this process until they finish. The foreman will do the final walk-through with the customer to verify that no items are left behind.

Watch As we redefine the meaning of handle with care.

Store like never before:
load up phase’s supplementary services.



The Estimate.

Our team provides you with an accurate estimate.


Point and pack

The Boxes.

Our skilled team is ready to pack your most delicate items.


Before handling any of your belongings, we take a careful and comprehensive inventory of all your items to help manage your belongings’ organization and location while ensuring everything stays accounted for. For best practices, we provide complementary onsite consultations, which allows our team to provide accurate estimates.


Point and Pack

Point and Pack The Boxes

Professional packing isn’t just fitting as many things in a box as possible, like playing a game of Tetris –it requires a careful, smart system. All of our packers are trained on our professional techniques before they’re put to work to ensure your valuables are kept safe and organized throughout the entire evolution. What’s more, before the execution of the process, we put a detailed and customized plan together on how to protect your home and possessions.

Questions about our load up phase?

Our patent-pending storage system is Big Vaults, a Portable Storage with a crew; constructed out of wood, each Big Vault can store up to 2,500 lbs. We store the Big Vaults in our warehouse in a climate-controlled environment. Do you want to visit your storage or take some items back? No need to sweat! We can schedule a crew to assist in going through your vault any weekday during business hours. Some restrictions and warehouse fees apply.

Our trucks are 26′ long for moving services. For the storage system, we use 24′ Flat trucks.

The foreman makes an inventory of all the items loaded and leaves a copy for you to keep.