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Imagine portable storage containers. Now add a crew of top-notch movers and a climate controlled warehouse. That's Big Vaults! Careful, secure and convenient, Big Vaults full-service approach makes storing and moving a breeze. Big Vaults trained professional first pad your belongings. Then they load and unload these valuables into custom-built containers. When your items return, the movers will arranged your belongings just the way you want.

Big Vaults

We're more than a box.


The riskiest part of staging is the moving process. Therefore, we developed our own portable storage to ensure that belongings are less at risk. We as well provide the convenience of a fully trained crew that wraps all furnishings, loads, inventories, and unloads in the presence of our clients.


Proper packing is the most effective way to ensure the safety of ones most prized possessions. Big Vaults offers packing services were a crew comes to adequately packs all of your valuables into boxes, so that you are ready to move. This packing service is optional but saves time for the one moving.


Big Vaults offers a safe and effective solution for temporary or long-term storage of your valuables and furnishings. Whether or not you need to storage while remodeling, interim storage between moves, or maybe storing due to downsizing. Big Vaults has the solution for you or your clients.

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