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Big Vaults System

Big Vaults save your back, your money, and your furniture. With a guaranteed pick-up and delivery date, you can rest assured that you will move without delays, according to plan. Allow one of our expert moving coordinators to plan your staging and moving, giving you more time to focus on other essential aspects of your moving process.

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Seamless Steps


Talk to an agent

Set up an onsite or virtual appointment to get the most accurate estimate and schedule a crew

Truck and i (7)

Load at Home

The foreman makes a detailed list of your belongings, tags them, and verifies each item's condition with you.


Deliver Big Vaults to Warehouse

No additional handling. After loading the Big Vaults, the crew delivers them immediately to the warehouse, where they are stored until you are ready.


Unload at home

We deliver the units to your home, make sure we unwrap all furniture and take back all blankets, paper, pads, and wrapping materials.

Big Vaults Storage System’s Steps

Load Up Phase

We take the worry out of moving by bringing our portable storage with a crew to you. Big Vaults Portable storage with a crew relieves the stress of finding storage and movers independently. With our full-service protocol, you have a professional packing and loading crew that will inventory your belongings, protect all your furnishings with our innovative wrapping system, and load at your home, handling your belongings once at loading. The Big Vaults Portable storages are locked at the location, then transported and delivered safely to our climate-controlled secure storage facility, where they’ll be stored until you are ready.

Storing Phase

Keep your items safe in the climate-controlled, security-monitored Big Vaults warehouse. 

Ultimate Unload

Choose between Short-term or long-term storage. Big Vault’s portable storage with a crew gives you the flexibility and time to choose and renovate your new house to your desires without worrying about your belongings. When you are ready, call ahead and schedule a guaranteed delivery date that best works for you. The same crew that loaded will come back to unload, unwrap, and deliver into your new home, handling your items once at unloading and taking back all wrapping materials, leaving your home ready to enjoy.

Our Detailed process

Big Vaults units are placed on a flatbed truck at our climate-controlled warehouse. Each unit will have blankets and paper pads to protect furniture (30 each).

The estimated arrival time in the Atlanta area and perimeter is between 10:00-11:00 am. Upon arrival, the foreman introduces the whole team and starts the walk-through, a tour with the customer of the areas at task to assess the details of the job.

Meanwhile, some crew members start to protect the floors with floor runners while other members open the first unit. They will take all the blankets out and place them in the first room to be blanket wrapped. Each team has a designated loader in charge of accommodating all the items inside the Big Vault.

The foreman will prepare an inventory list of all the items to be loaded and will take notes of the condition of each piece. Usually, the boxes are loaded first to prepare the rooms for a safe wrapping protocol.

Each Big Vault’s door will have a description of the contents loaded. After loading the first unit, the crew closes and seals the Big Vaults with a numbered “zip tag”.

They continue this process until all the household goods have been loaded into the additional containers. Once the job is finished, the foreman will do the final walk-through with the customer to verify that everything was loaded and that no items were left behind.

After the walk-through, the foreman will explain the charges and sign the paperwork with the customer. Once the crew arrives at the warehouse, the warehouse manager, using a forklift, takes the units off the trucks and places them safely inside the Big Vaults Secure state-of-the-art warehouse. 

Wrapping Protocol

Full blankets in, full blankets out, our proven system ensures the necessary care for storing your items properly. Depending on the items to be protected, the
crew uses a combination of blankets, paper pads, and shrink wrap to keep your precious pieces by using the best practices.

Long-Distance Portable Storage Delivery:

Moving out of state? Do not sweat, we will deliver your Portable storage with the same crew to your new home across state


Before handling any of your belongings, we take a careful and comprehensive inventory of all of your items to help manage the organization and location of your belongings while also ensuring everything stays accounted for.

Inventory Check and Load:

On storage day, the foreman will take inventory of all the items to load, annotate the condition of each piece, and tag each item. All teams have a designated loader who accommodates all things properly.

Usually, boxes are loaded first to clear the room, as is practice for creating a safe wrapping environment. After loading the first unit, the crew closes and seals the Big Vault with a numbered zip tie, labels it with a description of its contents, and continues this process until they finish. The foreman will do the final walk-through with the customer to verify that no items are left behind.

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After loading at the customer’s home, the crew drives back to the warehouse, where the warehouse manager uses a forklift to remove the Big Vaults off the truck and place them in their assigned area inside the climate-controlled and secured Big Vaults warehouse.

Get a Free Quote on Portable Storage with a Moving Crew

Get a Free Quote on Portable Storage with a Moving crew