Elevate Your Moving Services with Big Vaults Portable Storage System

Redefining Convenience and Safety for the Moving Experts.

Elevate Your Moving Services with Big Vaults Portable Storage System

Redefining Convenience and Safety for the Moving Experts.

The Big Deal About The Big Vault System

The Big Vault Portable Storage System’s main objective is to expand the marketability and the line of services offered by an existing moving and storage company to its current and future clientele by utilizing the unique portable storage with a crew methodology.

Big Vaults Portable Storage System Advantage

The Big Vaults Portable Storage System, or BV’s for short, seamlessly blends the convenience of mobile storage with expert handling and top-tier wrapping materials.

This winning combination guarantees the utmost safety for your client’s belongings during transport and storage, all while delivering significant cost savings for you and your customers.

Become a pioneer in your marketplace

BV’s will allow your company to differentiate itself in the marketplace by enhancing your product line to your existing and future client base.

Enhanced Performance

BV’s give your crews the techniques and systems designed to reduce the time required for loading and unloading, making your operations more time and cost-effective.

Warehousing Pitfalls Game Changer

By employing the BV’s Portable Storage Containers, you can eliminate the need to unload and reload items at the warehouse, saving labor costs. Moreover, your crew members will be trained in the wrapping protocol techniques; the combination of trained crews with proven systems and reduced handling will reduce the risk of damage and improves your claim ratio of damaged and missing items.

Competitive Edge

The BV’s reverses the downward spiral trend in traditional storage and allows your company to provide competitive alternative options for storage with the same quality as your moving service.

Customer Peace Of Mind

Meeting and exceeding the client’s expectations is paramount in the moving industry. The BV’s solution will allow your moving company to offer additional storage services independently and eliminates the stress of tight schedules, helping prepare for the unexpected and the unpredictability of moving plans.

Big Vaults Portable Storage Containers

Our portable storage containers are designed to cater to the specific needs of your customers


They are constructed from high-quality materials to last over a decade without any modification, with the option to build your own in-house as needed.


They were designed to fit most furniture found in a traditional home with 8 Ft ceilings of clear height.


The BV’s are equipped with a locking mechanism to ensure the safety of the stored items with the option of a personal lock and key.


The BV’s were designed with easy loading and unloading in mind at your customers’ homes and your warehouse.

The Portable Storage “With A Crew Solution”

Our professional team members will be here to mentor your crew to become experts in the Big Vaults System, therefore increasing the amount of revenue for your moving services

Key Business Metrics for BV’s as it Relates to its Service Provider

  • We have been able to use the same team to sell both Truck and i’s moving services and Big Vault Portable Storage Systems.

  • Our customers have found value in utilizing both companies and it has been reflected each of the Companies growth.

  • There has been growth in Big Vaults Sales as % of Truck and i revenues as customers are choosing to utilize storage.

    as shown in graphic below

2023 (estimate)

Maximize Warehouse Space

Big Vaults Has been able to maximize profitability of warehouse space over the last five years.

2022 Revenue per square foot of warehouse space is $30.75 as compared to $21.88 per square ft of warehouse in 2019

Recurring Revenue

Big Vaults System provides a monthly recurring revenue stream.

The monthly vault storage revenue stream provides positive cash flow monthly, unimpacted by the seasonality of a typical moving business cycle.

This is extremely advantageous when the core moving business may be slow due to seasonality or lull in the real estate market, and the vault revenue is able to fill the cash flow gap.

Average Sales

Average sale per customer has also increased each year. In 2022, the average revenue per customer was $12,000 vs 2020 average revenue per customer of $10,000.

Approximately 40% of the customers are in storage over a year.

Average customer is in storage for 8 months.

Most Affordable Portable Storage Franchising Alternative For a Moving Company

Where the average entry-level fee for portable storage franchises ranges from $300,000 to $1.2 million with a liquid capital investment ranging from $100,000 to $300,000 and a $1 million net worth requirement, BV’s is the cost-effective solution. Where the entry level is less $175,000 for a full turn key operations that will include trucks and 24 containers.

Affordability to build your own as needed, and with match cost savings when compared to other container options.

By using your existing relocation consultants, clerical help, moving crews, warehouse, and handling logistics equipment. 

Customized top tier website design and accessibility,marketing materials, nationwide phone number, and localized marketing strategies. 

Aggregated Mentorship Value

Included with the BV’s franchising network you will have access to direct coaching and guidance towards identifying and acquiring commercial real estate opportunities to grow your specific moving and storage company and personal net worth.

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